Giulietta Embroidery Scissors

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This beautiful little pair of scissors were re-interpreted from an original hand-forged pair dating from the 1830's. Before the Industrial Revolution this kind of scissor was probably made bespoke by a Cutler, and the design is not as refined as the later Victorian models with much more lacy, thinner curves with slender blades.    
Made in the Gothic Revival style, craftsmen at the time were influenced by medieval motifs and flourishes in earlier forms seen in cathedrals.    A reaction to Neoclassicism, the style can also be found in other decorative arts such as porcelain, crystal, clock cases, furniture and textiles.   Some of those Gothic ornamental details are delicately etched into the handles of these scissors.   
This will make a lovely addition to a period workbox display, or sewing basket.    
  • Available with dark auburn color pocked leather sheath
  • 3.75” inches in length
  • Blade length : 1”
  • Color: Silver
  • Hand ground blades
  • Extra sharp tips
  • Handmade in Switzerland


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Giulietta Embroidery Scissors
Giulietta Embroidery Scissors

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