Hands Across the Sea - Alice M Tippett 1894 ~ Silk Thread Kit

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Alice M Tippett, 1894 is an adorable, small historical Sampler from Hands Across the Sea

The sampler is suitable for needleworkers of all levels of ability. The sampler is stitched with cross stitch over two threads of linen .

Choice of purchasing thread kit only, Printed Chart only or as full kit with linen. 

Full Kit options:

Includes linen of choice, Chart Booklet +  Soie d'Alger or Soie 1003 threads (+Free Shipping). 

Linen Choices:

  • 30 ct Fat Eighth  - Victoria Sponge Cake -17.5" x 18" ~ Recommended for Soie d'Alger Threads only 
  • 37 ct Fat Eighth - Russian Tea Cake -17.5" x 18" ~ Recommended for both Soie d'Alger and Soie 1003 threads
  • 45 ct Fat Eighth -Jersey Cream - 17.5" x 18" Recommended for Soie 1003 Threads 
  • 48 ct Fat Eighth - Bride Cake - 17.5" x 18"    Recommended for Soie 1003 Threads 

Thread Options:

 Au Ver a Soie®, Soie d'Alger kit includes 9 skeins. Recommended linen for this thread is 38 ct or lower.

  • SDF 524
  • SDF 1844
  • SDF 2533
  • SDF 2916
  • SDF 2932
  • SDF 2936
  • SDF 4112
  • SDF 4623
  • SDF 5381

Au Ver a Soie®, Soie 1003 includes 9 spools. Recommended linen for this thread is 37 ct or higher.

  • SMS 022
  • SMS 109
  • SMS 217
  • SMS 241
  • SMS 307
  • SMS 494
  • SMS 523
  • SMS 621
  • SMS 654

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    About the Sampler from the Designer

    "Alice records on her sampler that she attended St Ervan’s Board School. When the Elementary Education Act of 1870 came into force, school boards, public bodies in England and Wales, established and administered elementary schools in England between 1870 and 1902. Education was not free but the fees of the poorest children were paid by the parish. The schools were non-denominational and were not to impose any religious education, other than simple Bible reading.

    We know that when Alice attended the Board School the headmistress was a Miss M M Winsor, and her assistant was Miss Dora Rowe who taught the infants. We suspect that it was Miss Winsor who taught Alice needlework.

    Alice was born to William Tippett, a stone mason and his wife Mary Jane, née Parsons. Her birth was registered in the first quarter of 1883; however, she was not baptised until July 23 at the Bible Christian Church in the village of Penrose. The village is in the parish of St Ervan which can be found a short distance inland on the North Cornish coast. Tippetts can be found living in this beautiful part of Cornwall today and all the way back to the early 1600s.

    William and his brother James built the chapel, and the foundation service was held on 24 May 1861.

    The Bible Christian Church was a Methodist denomination founded by William O’Bryan, a local Wesleyan Methodist preacher, on 18 October 1815 in North Cornwall. Members of the Church were sometimes known as Bryanites, after their founder.

    William died in 1893, and sadly, three years later, on 13 June 1896 Alice died at the very young age of 13 years. Her death certificate records the cause of death as diphtheria. In the 1800s diphtheria was a major cause of death. Though mostly a disease associated with the poor and a particular threat to children, diphtheria did not discriminate by class and age. Its cause, spread and a cure remained a mystery until the last part of the 19th century."


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