Hands Across the Sea - Mary Eliza McMillan 1869 – A Little Gem - Soie d'Alger Thread Kit

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Mary Eliza McMillan, 1869" is the 4th in a series of “Little Gems” from Hands Across the Sea Samplers. The Mary Eliza McMillan sampler is suitable for needleworkers of all abilities, no speciality stitches are required.

**Please note, Sampler Kit does not include chart. Purchase is required separately on Hands Across the Sea.**

Kit Options 

Choice of purchasing thread only OR as full kit.

Full Kit options:

Includes linen of choice + 14 skeins of Soie d'Alger thread and 2 Tapestry Size 26 Needles (Gift with Purchase)

Linen Choices:

  • 30 ct Fat Quarter of Pecan Shortbread - 17.5" x 35"
  • 37 ct Fat Eighth of Corn Tassel*** - 17.5" by 18"
  • 37 ct Fat Eighth of Corkscrew Willow*** - 17.5" by 18"

***This fabric cut gives you a 2" margin on the top and bottom of the Sampler. If you would like a larger cut, please purchase a Fat Quarter and the thread kit alone. 

    1 each of Au Ver a Soie®, Soie d'Alger Silk Thread colors include:

    • SDF 523 - Mustard ~ medium
    • SDF 2125 - Moss green ~ dark
    • SDF 2143 - Olive green ~ medium
    • SDF 2757 - Grey green ~ medium
    • SDF 3343 - Beaver Grey ~ light
    • SDF 3414 - Shell grey ~ dark
    • SDF 3423 - Fern Green
    • SDF 3445 - Pewter grey ~ very dark
    • SDF 3822 - Tan ~ very light
    • SDF 4224 - Straw
    • SDF 4545 - Brown ~ light
    • SDF 4611 - Desert sand
    • SDF 4623 - Straw
    • SDF 4633 - Antique mauve ~ medium


      ***Please note, this item is excluded from any discounts or sales.

      About the Sampler from Nicola Parkman:

      "Mary Eliza McMillan has been in Nicola’s private collection for some time and has been whispering in her ear to be reproduced. Now, as we hunker down in isolation and time has lost any meaning, it seemed the right moment to do so.

      Rather than a carefully planned symmetrical sampler, Mary’s needlework is very much a one-off example of a young child’s nonsensical art. Very similar to the scraps of crinkled, paint-smudged paper that can be found in countless homes today proudly displayed on fridge doors.

      There is often a variety of wisdom and information to be found on samplers. Some samplers convey a message, others knowledge. Samplers illuminate the lives of their makers when they document moral issues, family histories, personal experiences, and national events."