Hands Across the Sea - Ruth Gibb, 1882 ~ Soie 1003 Thread Kit

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Ruth Gibb is another beautiful little sampler from Hands Across the Sea Samplers. 

The project has been stitched using cross stitch over two threads with one color.

The project is suitable for needleworkers of all levels of ability. 

Kit Options 

Choice of purchasing thread only, Printed Chart Booklet or as full kit.

Full Kit options:

Includes linen + 1 spool of Soie 1003  thread, Printed Chart Booklet and 2 Tapestry Size 10 Beading Needles + Free Shipping  (Gift with Purchase)

Note, if full kit (thread+linen+chart) is purchased and shipping is charged. We will refund the difference. We have a limitation on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Linen Choices:

  • 37 ct Fat Eighth - Corn Tassel - 18" x 17.5"
  • 45 ct Fat Eighth - Foxtail Millet - 18" x 17.5"
  • 53/63 ct Fat Eighth Sycamore Seed Pod - 18" x 29"

1 Spool of Au Ver a Soie®, Soie 1003 Includes:

  • SMS 335 

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    About the Sampler from Nicola Parkman:

    "Ruth Gibb is a very sweet little sampler stitched entirely in cross stitch over 2 threads and using only one colour – a rich, deep red, which concentrates the eye. The stitches pop out from the linen like jewels.

    The lacy border frames the alphabets which are stitched in a very pretty font. The capital letter alphabet has an anomaly in the sequence of letters. The line ends with V X, and the W Y Z are stitched below. Either this was an error by Ruth, or it seems more likely to be by design, as the number of stitches needed to stitch the W would make it too big for the space at the end of the row. Perhaps she stitched the border first and then realised it wouldn’t fit and improvised. We’ll never know, but you can decide which way you think it was."