Hands Across the Sea - Jane Hardy 1840 ~ a Little Gem - Soie d'Alger Thread Kit

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Jane Hardy c 1840~ A Little Gem is cute colorful sampler and is the 9th in a series of Little Gems from Hands Across the Sea.

**Please note, Sampler Kit does not include chart. Purchase is required separately on Hands Across the Sea.**

Kit Options

Choice of purchasing thread only OR as full kit.

Full Kit options:

Includes linen of choice + 13 skeins of Soie d'Alger thread and 2 Tapestry Size 26 Needles (Gift with Purchase)

Linen Choices:

  • 30 ct Fat Quarter of Victoria Sponge Cake - 18" x 35"
  • 37 ct Fat Eighth of Russian Tea Cake - 17.5" by 18"

13 skeins of Au Ver a Soie®, Soie 100/3 Kit Includes: 

    • SDF 524 x 2  - Golden olive
    • SDF 1434   -  Antique blue ~ medium
    • SDF 1835   -  Forest green ~ dark
    • SDF  2543  -  Straw ~ light
    • SDF  2643  -  Apricot ~ medium
    • SDF 2645 x 2 -  Salmon ~ very dark
    • SDF 3734   -  Khaki green ~ dark
    • SDF  3823  - Tan ~ light
    • SDF  5113  -  Antique violet ~ medium
    • SDF 5384  -  Blue green ~ medium
    • SDF S3390   -  Desert sand ~ light

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About the Sampler from Nicola Parkman:

“The longest road out is the shortest road home”

Who can resist a red house sampler? Jane’s colourful sampler glows with good cheer. Contained within a stylised red carnation border is a delightful scene of a sturdy redbrick house surrounded by urns of fruit, four birds and auriculas. The parkland abounds with deer, two small dogs and an aristocratic cat with tail held high. The three chimneys, with smoke billowing, create a feeling of “home is where the hearth is” and adds to the overall feeling of warmth the sampler conveys.

Jane stitched the number four in 1840 backwards. Writing numbers backwards (mirror-writing) is not unusual for young children, it is how their brain processes what they see.