Hands Across the Sea - Mary Snow ~ Soie 1003 Thread Kit

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Mary Snow is another delightful sampler from Hands Across the Sea Samplers. 

The project has been stitched using cross stitch over two threads and four-sided stitch.

The project is suitable for needleworkers of all levels of ability. 

Kit Options 

Choice of purchasing thread only, Printed Chart only or as full kit with linen.

Full Kit options:

Includes linen + 12 spools of Soie 1003  thread, Printed Chart Booklet and 2 Tapestry Size 10 Beading Needles + Free Shipping  (Gift with Purchase)

Linen Choices:

  • 37 ct Fat Eighth - Russian Tea Cake - 18" x 17.5"
  • 37 ct Fat Eighth - Corn Tassel - 18" x 17.5"
  • 45 ct Fat Eighth - Foxtail Millet - 18" x 17.5"
  • 53/63 ct Fat Eighth Sycamore Seed Pod - 18" x 29"

12 Spools of Au Ver a Soie®, Soie 1003 Includes:

  • SMS 004 ~ Grey green ~ light
  • SMS 029 ~ Grey green ~ medium
  • SMS 031 ~ Yellow beige ~ medium
  • SMS 048 ~ Hazelnut brown ~ very dark
  • SMS 050 ~ Mocha beige ~ medium  ~ may be substituted with SMS 572
  • SMS 080 ~ Cream 
  • SMS 135 ~ Terracotta ~ medium
  • SMS 549 ~ green ~ very dark
  • SMS 597 ~ Mocha brown ~ very dark
  • SMS 621 ~ Blue green ~ light
  • SMS 664 ~ Christmas red
  • SMS 756 ~ Blue green ~ dark

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    About the Sampler from Nicola Parkman:

    "What a shame that Mary did not record the year she finished her sampler and other information such as a date or location. The samplers stitched by Stuart, Georgian, and Victorian schoolgirls can provide us with a window through which we can catch glimpses of their lives. Recreating their work is a time when we can remember the forgotten women.

    So often women disappear into history, their lives unrecorded. Yet in the face of enormous challenges, numerous women have fought their way to the fore and flourished. There are so many women overlooked who defied the norm, excelled, and made lasting impacts on those around them and beyond. Did Mary grow up to be such a woman? Sadly, we will never know.

    Two swans catch the eye. White swans symbolise light, grace, beauty, love, and purity. The swan is an emblem of feminine beauty and softness. Fairy tales feature swans as emblems of devotion, loyalty, and monogamy; this comes from the fact that the swan mates once in a lifetime."

    Hands Across the Sea -  Mary Snow ~ Soie 1003 Thread Kit
    Hands Across the Sea -  Mary Snow ~ Soie 1003 Thread Kit