Hands Across the Sea - Multiply Kindness ~ Silk Thread Kit

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Multiply Kindness is an original design sampler from Hands Across the Sea.

The stitches used are cross stitch over two threads, satin stitches for the centre of some flower head (the satin stitches can be replaced with cross stitch) and some straight stitches for the flower stamens.

Choice of purchasing thread kit only, Printed Chart only or as full kit with linen. 

Full Kit options:

Includes linen of choice, Chart Booklet +  Soie d'Alger or Soie 1003 threads (+Free Shipping). 

Linen Choices:

  • 30 ct Fat Half - Victoria Sponge Cake -35" x 36" ~ Recommended for Soie d'Alger Threads only  
  • 37 ct Fat Half Russian Tea Cake- 35" x 36" ~ Recommended for both Soie d'Alger and Soie 1003 threads
  • 38 ct Fat Half - Fuller's Teazel - 35" x 36" ~ Recommended for both Soie d'Alger and Soie 1003 threads
  • 45 ct Fat Half -Jersey Cream - 35" x 36" Recommended for Soie 1003 Threads 

Thread Options:

 Au Ver a Soie®, Soie d'Alger - 37 ct version includes 25 skeins. Recommended linen for this thread is 38 ct or lower.

 Au Ver a Soie®, Soie d'Alger - 30 ct version includes 31 skeins. Recommended linen for this thread is 37 ct or lower.

SDF 122 ~ Turquoise ~ light
SDF 236 ~ Forest green ~ dark
SDF 631 ~ Pumpkin ~ pale
SDF 1315 ~ Grape ~ dark
SDF 1342 ~ Blueberry
SDF 1344 ~ Blue violet dark
SDF 1723 ~ Turquoise
SDF 1746 x 2 ~ Turquoise ~ very dark (3 skeins for 30 ct) 
SDF 1836 x 2 ~ Pistachio green ~ dark
SDF 2125 ~ Avocado green ~ light (2 skeins for 30 ct) 
SDF 2144 ~ Olive green (3 skeins for 30 ct) 
SDF 2532 ~ Straw ~ light
SDF 2643 ~ Apricot ~ medium
SDF 2924 x 2 ~ Christmas red (4 skeins for 30 ct) 
SDF 3024 ~ Cranberry ~ dark
SDF 3046 ~ Mauve ~ medium
SDF 3322 ~ Lavender ~ pale
SDF S3596 ~ Desert sand ~ light
SDF 4622 ~ Salmon
SDF 4623 ~ Rose ~ deep
SDF 4633 ~ Antique mauve ~ light
SDF 4634 ~ Antique mauve ~ medium

 Au Ver a Soie®, Soie 1003 includes 22 spools. Recommended linen for this thread is 37 ct or higher.

SMS 002 ~ Turquoise ~ light
SMS 038 ~ Apricot ~ medium
SMS 061 ~ Forest green ~ dark
SMS 067 ~ Antique mauve ~ medium
SMS 077 ~ Salmon
SMS 088 ~ Desert sand ~ light
SMS 124 ~ Antique mauve ~ light
SMS 133 ~ Grape ~ dark
SMS 148 ~ Straw ~ light
SMS 152 ~ Olive green
SMS 223 ~ Mauve ~ medium
SMS 307 ~ Rose ~ deep
SMS 362 ~ Blueberry
SMS 474 ~ Lavender ~ pale
SMS 478 ~ Pumpkin ~ pale
SMS 605 ~ Turquoise
SMS 619 ~ Cranberry ~ dark
SMS 647 ~ Avocado green ~ light
SMS 656 ~ Pistachio green ~ dark
SMS 681 ~ Christmas red
SMS 690 ~ Blue violet ~ dark
SMS 710 ~ Turquoise ~ very dark

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    About the Sampler from the Designer

    "Why an original design versus a reproduction sampler? Since I first started to collect antique samplers, I have obsessively searched for multiplication samplers, but I have never come across the one that made my heart sing and my fingers itch to stitch. Whilst I have a few in my collection, none of them called to me to stitch them.

    It was a colourful multiplication table sampler that caught my eye back in the 1980s that led to me stitching my first sampler. Whilst in a dentist’s waiting room, I picked up a magazine and came across an article which featured an interview with Moria Blackburn. There were many photographs of Moria’s beautiful designs, but one particular sampler stood out – a large colourful multiplication table sampler. I immediately wanted to take up stitching and recreate the sampler for my son. My journey with cross stitch and samplers was about to begin.

    Within days I visited a needlework store and, whilst I could not find the chart for the multiplication table sampler, I came away with a kit to stitch my first sampler. Several years later, I had stitched all the samplers that Moira had charted but not the multiplication table sampler. After exhausting Moria’s portfolio of work, I went in search of other designers and discovered the needlework community and blogs. It was then that the world of needlework with its beautiful linens and glorious silks flung open its doors and my deep love of samplers worked in centuries past bloomed. This in turn led me to collect samplers and to research their history. A few years later, Hands Across the Sea Samplers released its first reproduction sampler.

    Shortly after HATS’ first release, I entered into correspondence with Moria and discovered that the multiplication table sampler featured in the magazine was not one of her own designs but another designer’s. The sampler had caught her eye too, and she had stitched it for her children!"

    Hands Across the Sea - Multiply Kindness ~ Silk Thread Kit
    Hands Across the Sea - Multiply Kindness ~ Silk Thread Kit