Hands Across the Sea - Sarah Milthorp, 1834 ~ Silk Thread Kit

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Sarah Milthorp, 1834 is a beautiful Historical Sampler from Hands Across the Sea.

The sampler is suitable for confident beginners through to advanced needleworkers.

The reproduction of Sarah’s sampler is predominantly worked with cross stitch laid over two threads of linen together with some Algerian eyelets. The verse is worked in cross stitch over one thread of linen. 

Choice of purchasing thread kit only, Printed Chart only or as full kit with linen. 


Full Kit options:

Includes linen of choice, Chart Booklet +  Soie d'Alger or Soie 1003 threads (+Free Shipping). 

Linen Choices:

    • 30 ct Fat Half  - Victoria Sponge Cake -35" x 36" ~ Recommended for Soie d'Alger Threads only 
    • 37 ct Fat Half - Corn Tassel - 35" x 36" ~ Recommended for both Soie d'Alger and Soie 1003 threads
    • 38 ct Fat Quarter - Fuller's Teazel - 18" x 35" ~ Recommended for both Soie d'Alger and Soie 1003 threads
    • 45 ct Fat Eighth -Foxtail Millet - 17.5" x 18" Recommended for Soie 1003 Threads 
    • 53/63 ct Fat Eighth Sycamore Seed Pod - 18" x 29" Recommended for Soie 1003 Threads 

Thread Options:

 Au Ver a Soie®, Soie d'Alger - 37 ct version includes 15 skeins. Recommended linen for this thread is 38 ct or lower.

 Au Ver a Soie®, Soie d'Alger - 30 ct version includes 21 skeins. Recommended linen for this thread is 30 ct or lower.

 Au Ver a Soie®, Soie 1003 includes 15 spools. 


Recommended linen for this thread is 37 ct or higher.

    ***Please note, this item is excluded from any discounts or sales. 

    About the Sampler from the Designer

    "The sampler that Sarah stitched when she was 12 years of age in 1834 is most certainly decorative. The young girl showed great diligence in working the intricate border and cartouche surrounding her name. We were strongly drawn to Sarah’s sampler the moment we glimpsed her in an auction catalogue. The red house takes centre stage.

    The geometric motifs flanking the verse were another focal point of interest. Although we have seen these on other samplers, they are not common place. Sarah showed great industry with her needle and filled her sampler with many beautiful motifs, she would have been hard pressed to squeeze another motif in.


    On March 2, 1822 Sarah Milthorp was baptised in Darrington. This small village and civil parish is located in the heart of the industrial West Riding of Yorkshire. Sarah’s father Thomas Milthorp was an agricultural labourer. Life as an agricultural labourer was hard work. Wages were usually low and housing standards often poor as labourers worked extremely long hours to scrape a living. Thomas’ children would have been expected to work on the land from as young as six years old, particularly at harvest time when everyone lent a hand making hay or harvesting crops."


    Hands Across the Sea - Sarah Milthorp, 1834 ~ Silk Thread Kit
    Hands Across the Sea - Sarah Milthorp, 1834 ~ Silk Thread Kit